Sebastian is the child of a woman named May and a dragon called morpheus



morpheus was a Ferocious levithan a sea dragon that had no wings but floated like a Chinese dragon there were many stories about morpheus legend has it the angels created 10 dragons and Morpheus was one of them

The birth of Sebastian Edit

Morpheus came down as a human and went to the village and met a beautiful bartender named May thats was the first Morpheus felt love he married may and gave birth to a child May suggested they name him Sebastian

Now Edit

Sebastian became 18 now and Morpheus and the other dragons vanished but Sebastian still hears Morpheus talking to him

Sebastian now has half of Morpheus' power he was even obtain scales horn and tail Morpheus even mocks him about not being able to harness the dragon roar

His highness the dragons king half dragon form by pokeguin-d65wr6g

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